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Specialty Combos

(minimum combo packs is 3)


Combo 1

3 Egg Rolls,6 PuffPuff,  6  chicken Wings



Combo 2

3 Sausage Roll, 1 Meat Pie, 6 Puff Puff, 



Combo 3

3 Meat Pie, 6  Puff Puff, 3 Sausage Rolls 




(we can also customize your platters)


Half platters are available too.

Peppered Goat (asun)

Fingerlyks Platter


Chicken Wings

A case of 30 pieces



Peppered Goat (Asun), Pepper Chicken Wings & Pepper Gizzard

Fingerlyks Platter Combo...


Sausage Rolls

(A case of 20 pieces




Please Note,

Delivery fee is btw $15  -$25 within Edmonton & the surrounding area depending on your location. 


We only offer Delivery for minimum $100 order. Thanks

Puff Puff / Cinnamon Puffpuff 

(Mosa is $5 extra charge)

A Case of puff puff- 40 Pieces



Scotch Eggs

A Case of 8 pieces



Chin Chin 

Per Cup​ (minimum #of cup's is 8)



Peppered Gizzard 

(Gizdodo is $10 extra)



Deep Fried Egg Rolls

A case of 8 pieces



Peppered Snails........(10-15 pieces)

Fingerlyks  Platter


Hot & Juicy Shrimps/

Crabs (with corn or broccoli)

Fingerlyks Half Platter Shrimps  &  Crabs available too  for  $80





Fingerlyks  Platter

(Half platter is $55)



A case of 10 pieces



Turkey PepperSoup 

Fingerlyks Half/Full Platter




Spring Rolls 

A case of 24 pieces



Menu Items

Pepper Snail

Very Hot/ Hot/ Mild Pepper

Chicken Wings

Very Hot/ Hot/ Mild Pepper

Peppered Goat (Asun)

Very Hot/ Hot/ Mild Pepper

Mixed Peppered Gizzard and Plantain (GizDodo)

Very Hot/ Hot/ Mild Pepper

Deep fried Plantain balls (Mosa)

Shrimp Spring Rolls


Scotch Egg

Vege Spring Rolls

Sausage Roll


Deep fried Dough (puff puff)

Deep fried Egg Rolls

Cinnamon Puffpuff 


Hot & Juicy Shrimps

Hot & Juicy Shrimps & Crabs

Very Spicy Hot & Juicy Shrimps & Crabs

Turkey Peppersoup

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